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From the Superintendent's Desk

I am very aware of the fact that everyone hears or reads something everyday about COVID  19. Some people listen and pick up every bit of information they can learn. There are others that are sick of it and don’t want to hear another word about it. Kind of “Out of Sight Out of Mind”. The fact is it is still out there and we still need to be aware of it. We don’t know where it is or where it hides. 

We here at the school are still taking all the precautions. The play ground and equipment are off limits. Admission to the school is selective. There is no use of the gym or weight equipment. 

It is very important that we stay clean. Wash hands, utensils, and all surfaces we use often. Wash all surfaces and utensils after each use. Wash all dish cloths, towels, clothes, and bedding in hot cycles. Avoid touching your face, nose, mouth and eyes with your hands at all cost. 

When working with food keep from cross contamination. Wash all products. Be sure to cook food properly and to the right temperature to kill germs. Keep cool foods in the refrigerator. Freezing does not kill harmful bacteria but it will keep food safe until ready for use. 

Try to make only one trip a week to the store and only one person should go. It is also important that wearing masks when going out is important. Not so much to protect yourself but for the safety of others.  Thank you everyone for helping each other through this time of trial and tribulation. 

We would all like things to open up. We know all businesses are struggling. But we have to remember safety first. We can not be selfish in wishing everything could open up. We can not be selfish in staying in place. After all we could be run over by a car, we could get struck by lightening, we could catch the flu or a cold, get cancer or have a heart attack. We take risks everyday. If we choose to go out or if we choose to stay home it is our choice. We just have to be sensible in what we do. We open our newspaper, our mail or our door deliveries almost everyday. 

If our economy collapses so will the rest of the world’s. If that happens you will see a rise in stealing and crime. We absolutely don’t want people to die from COVID or anything else. We want people to live. And they will live if we all do our part, take precautions and be sensible. 

This is just something to think about. We don’t want people to be stupid but to be smart. By helping each other we are helping our GREAT COUNTRY to survive this horrible ordeal. Be SMART and STAY SAFE. If it is your time to leave this world there is no amount of hand sanitizer that is going to save you. Also if things open up before you think they should you have the choice to still stay home while others go out. It is called FREEDOM IN AMERICA. 

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