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Handbook Changes





The full handbook may be accessed on the Stapleton Public Schools Website (https://www.stapletonschools.org/).  You may also request a copy from the business office. 


Return the signed items to the office by Friday, October 2, 2020

  • Parent Computer Loan Agreement 
  • Media Denial Form
  • Receipt of 2020/2021 Parent Student Handbook
  • $25.00 Computer use 


Updated Calendar (page 6 of handbook and on the school website)


Computer Rotation Program

  • Each year the freshman students will be given a new Chromebook.   
  • They will keep this computer for the four years they are in high school
  • The computers will be turned in at the end of each year for cleaning and maintenance but will then be given to them at the beginning of the next year
  • Students will pay $25.00 a year for internal insurance 
  • At the end of the senior year, they are able to keep their computer IF they have paid $25.00 for four years. 


2:41/Friday Dismissal 


Current Times 

First Bell 


Period 1 

8:00 - 8:41 

Period 2 

8:44 - 9:25 

Period 3 

9:28 - 10:09 

Period 4 

10:12- 10:53 

Period 5 

10:56 - 11:37 

Period 6 

11:40 – 12:23 


12:23 - 12:53 


12:54 - 1:16 

Period 7 

1:16 – 1:57

Period 8 

2:00 – 2:41 

Bus Departure 



This was changed to equalize class time for the last 2 hours. (Page 7)


Lunch Prices

Elementary Lunch $2.50

Secondary Lunch - $2.95

Adults $3.85

Breakfast - $1.50

Second Main Entree - $.60

Third Main Entree - $1.00

Extra Milk - $.40

Additional dessert - $.60

There will be no charge for items left over  from breakfast

(Page 10)


Report Cards

Parents will be informed of the first and third 9-week grades, but the average will continue instead of starting over 2nd and 4th quarters. Nine-week grades do not appear on the student’s permanent record but are given to parents as an indication of how the student is progressing.  Semester grades do appear on the student’s permanent record and determine whether or not the student receives credit in that class for the semester.  The elementary school will continue to use standard based grading. (Page 13)



Eligibility participation in extra-curricular school activities is encouraged and desirable for all students. At the same time, the principle mission and responsibility for each student is to establish a firm academic foundation. During the period of ineligibility, the student must meet with his/her teacher(s) to discuss those areas in which he/she needs improvement. Each teacher shall inform the respective student(s) of the area(s) in need of improvement and direct them on how to address the deficiencies in those areas beyond the regular school day. 


The following eligibility requirements have been established by both schools for participation in Sandhills Valley Cooperative activity practices and competitions:


  1. 9-12 grade students must be passing all classes each week to be eligible to participate in competition. If a student is failing one class, he/she may not participate in competitions of that week of eligibility. 
  2. All 7-8 grade students must be passing all classes with the exception of ONE in order to be eligible to participate in competition. 
  3. Weekly eligibility will begin the second full week of each semester and will be determined each Monday at 12:00 PM through Powerschool reporting (by administration teams). In addition, each administration team will transfer an ineligibility list to the Athletic Director for that week’s participation. The ineligibility window will begin on Tuesday through the completion of the following Monday. 
  4. Each Thursday prior, a preliminary eligibility list will be drawn to notify potentially ineligible student-athletes and coaches of academic deficiencies. 
  5. The Coach and/or Activities Director will notify each student of his/her ineligibility. The Administration team will be responsible for notifying parents/guardians of the ineligible student. 
  6. Given any student 7-12 is ineligible, he/she may NOT travel or participate that week of eligibility in any competition.
  7. Attendance - Students must be in attendance the entire school day of practice and competition. If competition falls on a day without school, the student must be in attendance of the entire school day prior to the event scheduled. Failure to attend will result in the student being withheld from participation within the activity. The Administration team of the school in which the student resides retains the right to grant participation should exceptional circumstances prevail based upon individual school attendance policy. There excused absences must be medically excused or excused by the Principal/Superintendent of the student’s school.



PBIS is short for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports.  It is based on principles of applied behavior analysis and the prevention approach and values of positive behavior support. 


PBIS is a framework for assisting school personnel in adopting and organizing evidence-based behavioral interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behavior outcomes for all students.  Effective classroom management and preventive school discipline are essential for supporting teaching and learning.  


A committee made of elementary instructors, secondary instructors, paraprofessional, parents, and students are guiding the PBIS progress in our school system.  This committee has created a behavior matrix build around the concept that Stapleton Public Schools is a RARE school.  The purpose of a PBIS behavior matrix is to identify and display positive behaviors that meet behavioral expectations across all school contexts and settings.


PBIS Matrix







To treat others as you want to be treated

Owning what you do

Making the best choices on our own

Understand and care about others feelings


-Active Learner


-Accept Help

-Use appropriate language


-Work is finished on time 

-Challenge yourself

-Ask Questions

-Be a cooperative learner 

-Bring what you need for the class (pencil, homework, etc.)

-Be on time

-Use your time wisely 

-Encourage others

-Be helpful 

-Be positive

-Respect others’ differences


-Use indoor voices

-Hands and feet to yourself

-Use appropriate language

-Pay attention to what is going on around you

-Walk on the right when using the hallway & stairs

-Keep hallways clear of personal items.

-Keep your locker organized

-Use your time wisely

-Help others

-Use kind words

-Be positive


-Stay in a line

-Keep hands and feet to yourself 

-Respect others’ space 

-Say “Please” and “Thank-you” 

-Make sure the lunchroom attendant has recorded your lunch and seconds. 

-Be patient 

-Eat what you take 

-Use your time wisely

-Clean up

-Put dirty dishes and silverware in the designated area. 

-Use inside voice

-Keep paths open

-Respect others’ food likes, dislikes, and choices

-Be inclusive



-Be considerate of others’ privacy 

-Use restroom appropriately 

-Pick up after yourself

-Report any issues

-Keep the space free of vandalism

-Follow the laws concerning drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

-Use restrooms at appropriate times

-Use the restroom quickly.


-Wash hands

-Be kind

-Be polite 


-Keep your hands and feet to yourself

-Use appropriate 


-Bring only needed items with you

-Remember to take your belongings

-Follow the laws concerning drugs, alcohol, and tobacco 

-Pick up after yourself

-Stay seated when the bus is moving

-Keep aisles clear

-Face forward

-Keep yourself and materials inside the bus 

-Be inclusive

-Use indoor voice

-Help others when needed

-Respect the driver and bus rules

School Grounds

-Keep your hands and feet to yourself

-Use appropriate language

-Pick up after yourself

-Park correctly in the designated area

-Keep the grounds free of vandalism

-Remain on school grounds unless prior permission is given

-Follow the laws concerning drugs, alcohol, and tobacco

-Practice safety


-Be inclusive

-Help others when needed


-Keep your hands and feet to yourself

-Use appropriate language

-Remove Hats

-Arrive on time

-Leave in an orderly manner 

-Silence your phone

-Be an active learner

-Be considerate of others around you




-Be courteous of others, teammates, opponents, and officials

-Clean up after yourself (candy wrappers, pop bottles)

-Honor the National Anthem


-Be positive

-Cheer on your school

-Be accountable for your own behavior

-Remain seated during the activity


-Be courteous to those around you

-Dress appropriately 


-Be a team player

-Show good sportsmanship

-Show respect for injured players


-Check phones into the office daily


-Use only school appropriate websites 

-Electronic use is a privilege not a right 

-Use all electronics appropriately

-Treat all electronics like it is yours

-Avoid the use of electronics to bully or disrespect others

 - Treat others as you would like to be treated


(Page 19)


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